Green Party posted sensitive information about voters and members online

The Green Party posted sensitive and personal information belonging to its members and supporters online, violating the party's own internal rules. One privacy expert said posting the personal information online qualifies as a breach of trust. The former Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian call the leak "appalling".

Posting unsecured personal information online violates the Green Party's privacy policy. On its website, the party promises voters that it uses "safeguards" against the unauthorized use, sharing, loss or theft of its information. 

CBC did not find any credit card or financial information in the files — but names, addresses, postal codes, phone numbers, birthdates, internal party documents and training videos were all available for viewing and downloading. The information was stored in the cloud in a Google Drive.

It's not clear how long the data was available online. The folders and files were date-stamped July 2022. 

CBC viewed spreadsheets marked "voters list" that belonged to former 2020 Green leadership candidates Dylan Perceval-Maxwell, Andrew West, Amita Kuttner, David Merner, Glen Murray, Judy Green, Courtney Howard and Annamie Paul.

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