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Why Join a Union?

Unionized Workplaces Are Happier

The most common reason why people want a union is because there is something that is unfair about their workplace. People who are unionized enjoy greater job satisfaction because unions allow employees to negotiate the rules and policies of the workplace with the employer. A union means an end to inconsistent rules and favouritism.

Job Security

With a union contract, processes are set out about the working relationship between the employer and employees. This includes matters of security of your job. You will be protected against unfair treatment or discipline and dismissal through the grievance and arbitration clauses in a union contract. The union act on your behalf, as an advocate, in all matters.

Union Members Have Better Pay

Union membership allows for you and your co-workers to negotiate a fair pay system. Many union contracts provide increases to ensure that employees are fairly compensated for work experience, commitment and length of service. With a union, you know when to expect a raise and how much it will be.

Jobs with Benefits

By forming a union, you can negotiate a contract with benefits that are guaranteed in writing. Benefits can include health and dental plan, vacation pay, paid sick leave, a pension plan, equal pay for work, hours of work, employment equity, family responsibility leave, dignity and respect.

Safer Workplaces

At COPE 131, we take workplace safety & security very seriously. You are entitled to a safe workplace whether you are in the office or at a client's premises. Union representation will ensure that you, as a member, will be protected, but just as importantly, allow you and other members to have a voice in how to make safety & security a priority.

Union Council Members


Secretary treasurer

John Tonelli

Staff representative

For Yellow Pages Members

Steven Reeves 416-523-9938 

Staff representative

For Green Party of Canada Members

Rick Miller  647-905-5023

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